October 20, 2011

End of the World Tomorrow October 21 2011: Is Judgement Day Upon Us?

Harold Camping is the now infamous prophet who has been falsely reporting the end of the world (also known as Judgement Day, the rapture or Doomsday) since 1994.

While his predictions were clearly unfounded (as all of you know, absolutely nothing happened on May 212011 as he had predicted), they did cause panic and chaos for millions of people all over the world. Earlier this year, many people sold their assets and spent their savings as they truly believed the world would end on that day.

End of the World October 21 2011

When nothing happened on May 21 of this year, Harold’s camp went into damage control mode. At that time, Camping and his thousands of followers came forth with a new storyline: The apocalypse was just beginning in May and the actual date for the end of the world would, in fact, be October 21, 2011 – tomorrow!

Will the World End Tomorrow – Is Judgement Day Upon Us?

While most people take Harold’s predictions with a grain of salt, there are some people who are still worried that the world will end tomorrow. The truth is, Harold Camping doesn’t know any more than any other person living on Earth when the world will actually end.

And the truth is, the world could end tomorrow. It could end any day at any time. If it happens tomorrow, it would be an awfully big coincidence – just saying.

Do you think Harold Camping is right in his prediction of Judgement Day tomorrow?