October 19, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Makeup In Court (PHOTO): WTH Happened?

The 2011 version of Lindsay Lohan is a far cry from the adorable red-head from the semi-hit film Mean Girls but her appearance in court today made the early 2011 Lilo look like a goddess by comparison.

Lohan showed up to court wearing a respectable white dress and matching white scarf. She seemed relatively put-together but when cameras zoomed in on her face it was clear that the once-beautiful star has completely lost touch with reality.

Not only does it look like Lindsay let a 4-year-old do her makeup but it seems as though she didn’t even look in the mirror before she left her home this morning.

Take a look at the photo of Lilo above. Her face looks dirty, she appears to have caked on about 4lbs of makeup and her puffy cheeks prove that the train-wreck star may have been popping pills instead of attending her court-order community service appointments over the past few months.

Come on, Linds! We expect more – even from you!

What do you think of Lindsay’s makeup in court today? Too much?