David Woods
October 14, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Teeth Photos: What Happened?

Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay… what the heck happened to you?

Lindsay Lohan has caught people’s attention for a lot of different things over the years. For a while, the attention was very positive. She was starring in popular movies like Mean Girls and seemed to be a rising superstar. Then, things spiraled out of control. She started breaking the law, allegedly abusing drugs and wearing some pretty bizarre clothes.

Now, the attention focused on her has hit a new low. A disgusting new low.

Lohan appeared at the THQ launch party┬áin Los Angeles with teeth that appear to be rotting to their cores. In the closeup image below (which we have not altered in any way), you can see that her teeth appear to be cracking and turning brown. I’m not dentist, but I don’t think anyone would describe those teeth as “pearly whites.”

According to a dentist, her teeth show the classic signs of heavy smoking and red wine drinking.