David Woods
October 06, 2011

Pixar Wouldn’t Exist Without Steve Jobs (Watch)

As the tech world (and, really, the world at large) mourns the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs, there’s an important story that is being missed. Pixar, considered by many to be the most innovative and most consistent film studio on the planet, would not exist as it is today if not for Steve Jobs.

Pixar has produced classic animated films such as Monsters, Inc., Wall-E, Up and the Toy Story trilogy. Until this year’s Cars 2, the studio had never produced a film that wasn’t a smash hit at the box office and a tremendous critical success.

Pixar was a side project for Jobs. When he wasn’t dreaming up iPods and iPads, he was funding the studio that would produce the world’s first feature-length computer animated film, Toy Story.

Jobs acquired Pixar from George Lucas’s Lucasfilm (the production company responsible for Star Wars) in 1986 for $5 million. In 2006, he sold it to Disney for $7.4 billion. Quite a turnaround.

In the video below, Jobs speaks about his involvement with the beginning of Pixar.