David Woods
September 29, 2011

The X Factor Ratings Continue To Drop – Is The Show In Trouble?

Maybe Simon Cowell’s decision to split from American Idol and start his own show wasn’t such a great idea, after all. For the second straight episode, the ratings for The X Factor are significantly down.

Ratings were down 11 percent from last week for last night’s episode. Just over 11 million people watched, which equates to a 3.9 rating. CSI, Criminal Minds and Modern Family, the shows The X Factor is up against (and many expected it to beat), all had more than 13 million viewers.

Are people sick of the singing competition format? Or, perish the thought, are they sick of Simon Cowell’s shtick?

It’s important to note that it’s still early in the competition and no reals stars (or even potential stars) have emerged yet. Still, with ratings like this, there’s no way The X Factor can compete with American Idol.

The show isn’t in danger of being canceled or anything, but, unless ratings improve significantly, we might not see a long life and multiple seasons for The X Factor.

Simon sure isn’t looking like such a smart guy now.