September 29, 2011

Incredible Shark Rescue! (WATCH)

great white shark rescueSurfers and passers-by on California’s Venice Beach caught a glimpse of a frightening and impressive shark encounter over the weekend.

A baby great white shark had drifted close enough to shore for onlookers to notice it was in need of rescue, but understandably, there wasn’t a mad rush to the jaws of the struggling fish once it was pulled onto the shore.

However, one man did step out of the crowd to help the creature, kneeling down to wrestle the hook and line out of the shark’s mouth and then carrying the fish back into the sea with the help of a few surfers.

The shark looked pretty listless and weak, but the quick and brave action of the surfer might have saved the young shark’s life. It was a noble gesture, especially alongside the crowd of bystanders who were content to take pictures of the gasping shark on the shore.

The coastal area is a well-known nursery for juvenile great white sharks, but fishing is also common in the area. The result? More and more young sharks are being snagged on the lines, and that has group like PEW worried about over-fishing and extinction. Check out the footage of the shark rescue!