September 07, 2011

Big Brother 13 Spoilers Kalia Evicted: Did She Deserve It?

It was a tough call between Kalia and Porsche tonight – and even Big Brother 13 live feed subscribers didn’t know who would be evicted – but we just found out that Kalia was voted out tonight and Porsche is still in the game.

While Porsche’s goodbye speech was sincere and pleasant, Kalia couldn’t pass up the opportunity to insult Adam’s gameplay. It never surprises me how low some people will go when they know they’re going to be evicted. A part of me expected more from Kalia but the other part of me is not surprised at all.

The votes came to a tie. Jordan voted out Porsche and Adam voted out Kalia and Rachel had to make the final decision. Rachel did not hesitate to evict Kalia since she was her target the entire week.

Fans will undoubtedly have an opinion as to whether Kalia deserved to be voted out.

Personally, I think she deserved it.

Do you think Kalia deserved to be voted out over Porsche tonight?