August 31, 2011

Julianne Hough Leaked Photos from Cell Phone: Some Racy but Not Nude!

Julianne Hough has been very successful in keeping her wholesome, all-American girl image since sky-rocketing to fame for her moves on the hit show Dancing with the Stars but the Footloose star is the latest target of a photo scandal that could compromise her squeaky clean image.

While most celebrity starlets (especially ones as hot as Julianne) have photos on their phone involving some form of nudity, sex, drinking or drugs, the cute blonde’s phone came up relatively clean – with the exception of a few somewhat racy poses.

Sure, there’s this one close-up photo of Julianne’s breasts in a bikini top and a few of the former DWTS pro striking (what some may consider) provocative poses but nothing compared to topless photos – or nude photos – like we’ve seen with other young stars (like Vanessa Hudgens)!

For the most part, these pics are cute and playful.

Seems like the malicious intent to steal Julianne’s personal property and expose her private photos backfired!

Julianne is exactly what we thought. Beautiful, down to earth and completely in love with Ryan Seacrest.

Take a look at the leaked photos and let us know what you think!