August 29, 2011

Bachelor Pad 2 Spoilers 2011: Are Blake and Holly Still Together and Dating?

Bachelor fans are getting another dose of drama tonight as the whole house is flipped upside down after one one-on-one date.

If you don’t want to know what happens this season, do not read any further – huge spoilers ahead!

The whole game changes tonight after Blake wins the kissing contest and gets to take one woman on a one-on-one date (Ella wins for the girls and picks Kirk and they have their date as well but they didn’t cause any drama). After Blake wins, he leads Melissa – and everyone in the house – to believe that he’s going to take her on the date. At last minute, when Ashley shows up to hand out the date card, Blake switches and decides he’s going to take Holly – Michael’s ex-fiance.

Needless to say, this crushes Michael and irritates a lot of other people in the house. By the end of tonight’s episode, old alliances will be broken and new alliances will have formed.

One man really knows how to shake up the game!

Personally, I think it’s fair game for Blake to ask Holly on a date (he’s not tied to anyone here, despite what Melissa thinks lol) but I think it’s so insensitive for Holly to lead Michael on like she has the past few episodes, only to go on a date and makeout with another guy in the house. I also think it was disrespectful of Blake to kiss Holly so passionately during hte kissing contest. My heart literally dropped for Michael at that point.

Personally, I’m 100 percent on Team Michael and 0 percent on Team Holly. She seems like a selfish brat.

Do you think it was mean of Holly to go on a date and make out with Blake?