August 24, 2011

Big Brother 13 Spoilers 2011: Live Feed Shows Daniele May Be Evicted!

Big Brother fans who just watched tonight’s episode are either thrilled or completely furious that Jeff used the Power of Veto to take Porsche off the block and backdoor Daniele.

What some of you may not know is that the Power of Veto ceremony actually took place earlier this week and Daniele has been campaigning hard to keep herself safe. Will it work? Only time will tell.

Since she’s been put on the block, Daniele has managed to secure Shelly’s vote and Porsche’s vote. In addition, she’s also convinced Shelly to campaign against her own alliance for the third vote – the final vote Daniele needs to stay in the house after tomorrow night.

So who has the ability to save Daniele? It’s clear that Jeff, Jordan and Rachel are voting her out no matter what. This means that Adam is Daniele’s only hope. Adam is adamant that he’s voting against Daniele but Dani and Porsche are literally trying everything in their power to get his vote.

In fact, Dani and Porsche are trying so hard to keep her safe that Daniele has promised Adam a Donato party where Adam can meet her dad and hang out with him and Porsche has promised a meet and greet with Janelle (Janelle and Porsche must be friends outside the house).

Even still, Adam isn’t budging.

As of right now, it seems as though Kalia has Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Adam’s vote. If things don’t change, Shelly and Porsche will likely vote against Daniele as well since they won’t want to against the house.

On a side note, if I hear Jeff say one more time that someone doesn’t deserve to be there because they haven’t proven themselves, I’m going to throw my laptop through the television screen. I’m sorry Jeff but – other than winning HOH one time – what exactly have you done this season that makes you so worthy of staying and others not? Seriously?

Do you think Daniele will manage to secure the votes tomorrow night?

Don’t forget tomorrow night is a double eviction! Lots to look forward to!