August 22, 2011

Big Brother 13 Spoilers : Backdooring Daniele and Double Eviction!

Big Brother fans who don’t subscribe to the Big Brother After Dark feeds will need to wait until Wednesday to find out who wins POV and who gets put up on the block but we have the exclusive details for you already.

If you’re looking for spoilers and you’re sure you want to know what happens this week, keep on reading for all the information on who won POV and what’s most likely to happen on Thursday night.

Who wins POV this week?

As we told you yesterday, Jeff wins POV this week. The POV ceremony just took place and Jeff followed through with his plan to backdoor Daniele. Jeff removed Porsche from the block and put Daniele up – despite his promise not to and despite Daniele keeping him safe when he threw the VETO competition last week. In my opinion, this was a poor move on Jeff’s part considering Daniele has a lot of pull with the other houseguests and will now be sitting on the jury when she’s voted out on Thursday night (which she inevitably will be).

One of Jeff’s strongest qualities was his loyalty and all he had to do was keep Daniele off the block this week and he would have followed through on his end of the deal.

Meanwhile, Rachel is ecstatic that Daniele is up on the block (obviously because Daniele was responsible for sending Brendan home – twice!) and now thinks she’s running things again. As we told you earlier, there are rumors in the house that Rachel might be pregnant – so stay tuned for news on that as well.

As much as I like Jordan, I don’t want to see her win another $500,000 and now that she’s obviously staying with Jeff (who has also won a considerable amount of cash as fan favorite from his season and the two prizes he won this season) I don’t want to see him win either.

Kalia hasn’t done a lot so I don’t want her to win. Same goes for Porsche and Adam. So the only left that are Rachel and Daniele and I DEFINITELY don’t want to see Rachel win.

If Daniele is eliminated this week I will be seriously furious.

But remember, it’s a double eviction this week. So Daniele won’t be going to the jury house alone!

Who would you like to see win this season?