August 22, 2011

Bachelor Pad 2 Spoilers 2011: Who Goes Home Tonight, Who Hooks Up!

It’s another dramatic week in the Bachelor Pad mansion and we have all the exclusive details of who stays and who goes home tonight!

Those of you tired to death of hearing about Jake and Vienna’s feud may find some comfort in knowing that one half of the most-hated former couples in Bachelor history will be leaving the competition tonight.

Before we tell you who’s going home tonight, let’s review some of the highlights of the episode. First off, the houseguests participate in a synchronized swimming competition where Michelle Money and Michael Stagliano win. Michelle gives the rose on her date to Graham (how cute are these two?!?) and Michael gives his to Holly (poor guy doesn’t realize she’s all over Blake when he’s not around).

Another highlight of the episode is when Kasey gives Vienna a ring. That’s right, he presents Cruella De Vil with a beautiful ring that symbolizes…well, we’re not sure what it symbolizes. We’re not sure whether the ring is an engagement ring, a promise ring or simply a ploy to get more fans on their side but either way it was a highlight in tonight’s somewhat boring episode.

So now that you know all of the highlights of tonight’s episode, it’s time to get to the eliminations.

Who Goes Home Tonight on Bachelor Pad?

There’s only one person being eliminated tonight on BP 2. That’s Jake Pavelka.

Personally, I can’t stand Jake or Vienna so I’m happy to say good riddance to either at this point in time but if I had to pick for either Jake or Vienna to leave, I would 100 percent prefer if Vienna left tonight.

Are you happy Jake was sent home?