August 22, 2011

Bachelor Pad 2 Jake Pavelka Voted Off, Vienna Stays: Did He Deserve It?

Bachelor Pad fans are undoubtedly going to have mixed opinions over tonight’s elimination. It’s episode 3 of the hit reality series and viewers are already fuming over the feud between Jake Pavelka and his former fiancé Vienna Girardi.

I’ve watched every episode of Bachelor Pad/Bachelorette and let me tell you, I have never disliked someone as much as I dislike Vienna. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Jake is a prince (in fact, I think he may be the fakest person I’ve ever seen on reality TV) but Vienna is just an outright you-know-what.

As much as I’m glad that Jake went home tonight, I wish Vienna went first. I mean, she thinks she owns this house (which, she pretty much does which is so sad) and now that Jake is gone she thinks she’s even better than she did before.

Maybe Jake can find some comfort in knowing that Vienna doesn’t win the cash in the end.

While her and Kasey make it fairly far in the game, they don’t make it to the finals (in fact, they’re the third-to-last couple eliminated this season) and definitely don’t take home any cash (thank God!).

Do you think Jake deserved to be sent home before Vienna?