August 18, 2011

Who Was Voted Off Big Brother 13 Tonight / Last Night August 18, 2011?

Those of you who missed Big Brother tonight may be shocked
to learn who left the house tonight. It was a week of ups and downs as Daniele pulled through and won the HOH to kick-start one of the most memorable weeks of the season.

At first, Daniele told Brendan he wasn’t her target and put up Shelly and Adam for eviction. For the first time since entering the house, Adam actually pull through to save himself and won the POV. He took himself off the block and forced Daniele to put up a replacement.

After realizing that she still wanted Brendan out of the house, Daniele chose to put him up in Adam’s place – pissing off Rachel and putting the other houseguests in an awkward situation.

So what happened?

Who was voted off Big Brother 13 tonight (or last night depending on when you’re reading this)?

That would be Brendan – AGAIN!

Do you think Brendan deserved to be voted off again – or do you wish he was still in the house?