August 15, 2011

Bachelor Pad Ames and Jackie Still Dating, Together in Love!

Bachelor Pad 2 fans were pleasantly surprised with the ending of tonight’s episode – even if it did mean that two of the nicest people in the house were sent packing.

Chris Harrison announced that two women would be eliminated tonight and no guys would be going home. It was clear that Ames and Jackie had been forming a really strong connection since they entered the house and when it was revealed that Jackie was on the block for eviction, the two tried everything under the sun to get Ella voted off instead.

Despite their best efforts, Jackie was sent home. She took the news well and Ames walked her to the limo. Immediately after shutting the door, Ames got a very weird look on his face as he began walking back to the other housemates. Sure enough, he turned right around and went running after the limo. Something you’d literally see straight out of a movie. Honestly, the cutest moment not only in Bachelor Pad history but Bachelor Pad, Bachelorette and Bachelor history.

Perhaps the cutest moment EVER on reality television.

Their love seemed genuine and real and it should come as no surprise that the two are still happily dating. Natalie Getz, winner from Bachelor Pad Season 1 was asked on Twitter if they are still together to which she replied “a little birdie told me they are in love:)”


Do you think Ames and Jackie will last?