August 15, 2011

Bachelor Pad 2 Vienna Girardi Slams ABC and Chris Harrison on the Show!

Vienna Girardi may be one of the largest fame whores in the history of reality television but she can’t go head to head with Chris Harrison and expect to come out on top.

Right before tonight’s rose ceremony, Chris Harrison walked into the room and asked the group how their week was going. When some people spoke up and said that the tension between Vienna and her ex-fiance Jake Pavelka was ruining the mood in the house, Vienna was quick to defend herself claiming that two formerly engaged people should not be living in a house together.

At that moment, Chris drew the attention towards Michael Stagliano and Holly Durst – former flames who were also engaged and had been dating for more than two years. Chris merely pointed out that they seem to be able to get along and Vienna snapped at him and said that they (ABC and Chris Harrison) already made them go on TV and talk about their failed relationship and it wasn’t fair that “they” were doing this to them (putting them in the same house).

Chris then pointed to several doors in the mansion and told her she was free to leave whenever she wanted.

Vienna proceeded to shake with anger while Chris revealed that two women would be sent home tonight and no men would be going home!


God, I love this show!

Do you think Vienna was out of line yelling at Chris Harrison tonight?