August 10, 2011

Snooki and Boyfriend Jionni Still Dating (WATCH)!

It was an intense premiere for Season 4 of Jersey Shore last Thursday and a lot of drama has already started erupting in the house. While the dynamic between the group seemed to be refreshing compared to the incessant fighting last season, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino did his best to stir up controversy.

They were in the house less than a week when Mike decided to let Ronni in on a little secret: Snooks and Mike (according to Mike) hooked a few months before entering the house and a few months after she and her boyfriend Jionni started dating.

In the premiere, Snooki insisted that she was going to be good while in Italy. She said goodbye to Jionni and gave him her word that she could be trusted. Little did we know, Snooki had already been unfaithful and many were wondering where she and Jionni stood.

First off, I would like to say how downright hot Jionni is (especially compared to Mike – who looks like a 45-year-old man going through a midlife crisis) and Jionni seems like a really good, genuinely nice guy.

The good news? Jionni and Snooki are still together – even after last week’s premiere where Mike told Ronni they had sex while she was in a relationship.

Do you think Snooks has finally settled down for good?