August 04, 2011

Casey Anthony Ohio Photos Spark Controversy: Is It Really Her (WATCH)!?!

Where in the world is Casey Anthony? This has been the question on everyone’s mind since the accused child killer was released from jail last month.

There have been many reports as to the whereabouts of Tot Mom but photos secured by TMZ.com appear to show the 25-year-old in Ohio sporting an Ohio State baseball hat.

Casey is the talk of the town in Newbury, Ohio where many residents claim she has been spotted shopping and dining at restaurants.

All of the photos can be seen on TMZ.com but judging by the photo above (and the photos in the video below) Casey does appear to be residing in Ohio.

The woman in the pics looks exactly like Casey (perhaps a little bulked up since she’s likely been dining out a lot since her release) but always appears to be alone.

Check out the photo above, the video below and all of the photos on TMZ.com and let us know if you think it’s actually her:

TMZ has a video of her as well. Check it out here.