August 01, 2011

Bachelorette 2011 Spoiler – Ashley Hebert’s Sister Hates JP, Is She Out of Line?

One of the best parts of the Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons is the final episode where the lead person takes the final two people home to meet their families. Most of the time, the families are very supportive of each finalist and very rarely lean towards liking one more than the other (or at least that’s the way the editing makes it seem). This year is the exception.

When Ashley Hebert takes JP and Ben F home to meet her family, there is a lot of emotional drama surrounding the Final Two.

While most of Ashley’s family supported each guy, her sister leaned very strongly towards liking Ben F more than JP. Ashley gets incredibly upset with her sister’s strong opinion about JP and even says that she’s acting like a b-tch. Most of us now know that the reason Ashley gets so defensive is because she knew at this point that she wanted to pick JP but was upset that her sister didn’t support her decision.

The question is, what Ashley’s sister out of line in telling Ashley exactly how she felt even though it may hurt her feelings or is honesty the best policy and Ashley should have supported her sister and respected her opinion?

Did Ashley’s sister go too far in telling Ashley that JP was the wrong choice?

Maybe her sister should hook up with Ben F lol!