July 28, 2011

Breaking Dawn Honeymoon Scene (WATCH) So Hot!

Twilight fans were beyond excited this week when the much anticipated honeymoon scene clip was released this week and, let’s just say, the clip did not disappoint.

Showing just enough footage to keep fans excited – and excited for more – the clip leads up to what seems to be an intense sex scene between newlyweds Edward and Bella Cullen.

In the clip (which is 3 minutes and 25 seconds long), Edward refers to Bella as Mrs. Cullen for the first time. You can hear fans scream with excitement in the background but quickly hide their excitement so they can see and hear the rest of the clip.

Edward and Bella then get ready for their steamy honeymoon night but fans don’t get to see a lot of the action just yet.

Obviously they weren’t going to release the most anticipated part of the film before it hits theatres – but they did a great job of teasing fans and making them even more excited for the release (if that’s even possible).

Anyways, if you haven’t seen it – or you’d simply like to see it again, check it out below!

What do you think of the honeymoon scene?