July 22, 2011

Lauren Conrad Blue Hair Photos: Thoughts?

Lauren Conrad has recently split from her longtime boyfriend Kyle Howard and she’s ready for a new start. First thing on the list: blue hair.

Okay, so her hair isn’t totally blue but the former Hills star did add a tinge of the color to her locks before walking the red carpet for the HTC Status Social party in Hollywood this week.

The light blue tips seemed as though they may have been an unintentional dying mistake but it appears as though Lauren made a conscious effort to switch it up.

“I didn’t think anyone would even notice!” she told reporters. “I felt like such a rebel.”

I wouldn’t really say the barely noticeable blue tips are “rebellious” but if that’s what you want to think, Lauren, you go right ahead.

Personally, I think she should go back to all blonde. Or at least switch it up with pink or black. The blue isn’t doing anything for me.

What do you think? Do you like Lauren Conrad’s blue hair?

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