July 20, 2011

Jessica Simpson Pregnant Photos: Not Pregnant, Just Weight Gain!

Jessica Simpson is just like every other woman in America (or the world for that matter). She struggles with her weight and has tried everything under the sun to try and keep off the pounds but, unlike every other person in America, Jessica Simpson’s appearance is under a microscope.

Most of you will probably remember Jessica’s mom jeans incident at the chili festival a few years back, right? She wore the high-waisted jeans and all of a sudden she was the target of a media attack that made her publicly comment about her struggles with her weight.

This week, she’s under the same form of attack – for an outfit she wore on Friday that seemed to show something that resembled a baby bump.

The photos sparked so much attention that Jess was forced to release a statement insisting she wasn’t pregnant.

“This photo agency is full of malarkey,” her publicist said. “She is not pregnant.”

Well that’s good to hear considering she already has a wedding to plan for.

Take a look at the photo of Jess above and let us know if you think she’s pregnant.

Check out these photos below of Jessica’s yo-yo weight loss/gain over the years!

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