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July 13, 2011

Colgate Wisp Pouch Packs Giveaway Winners – 5 Chances to Win!

As we all know, life can get very busy. Between morning workouts and meeting-filled days, lunch can turn into an on-the-go meal in your car or a quick bite at your desk. Wherever it is, most of us are eating it outside of the home. And that means we’re only brushing our teeth in the morning and evening, leaving afternoon oral hygiene to be masked by gum and mints or worse – ignored!

Colgate Wisp, the “smaller than a lip gloss” mini-toothbrush, is a better option than gum, attacking “after lunch breath,” for a clean, fresh mouth whenever you need it. Designed to fit in your everyday life, Wisp is now available in 16-pack pouches to stash in your desk drawer, purse, glove compartment, or anywhere your day may take you. Available in a variety of flavors –including the new Icy Bubble Flavor – Wisp is the ideal post-lunch breath freshening option allowing you to Wisp for “what if.”

To help you maintain a fresh breath on-the-go, we’re giving away three Colgate Wisp pouch packs (in peppermint, spearmint and Icy Bubble flavors) to five lucky Twirlit winners.

This week we’re giving away THREE Colgate Wisp Pouch Packs to FIVE lucky Twirlit Readers!

And the winners are..

  • Nikki Davis
  • Susan Smoakes
  • Laura Emerson
  • Anne-Marie T
  • Heather B

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