July 07, 2011

Big Brother 13 Evil Dick Returns with Daniele: Will He Win?

Big Brother fans were thrilled to see the return of some of their favorite past contestants and we have all the details of this season’s “dynamic duos.”

While it could be considered somewhat exciting that Jeff and Jordan are back (and not at all exciting that Brendan and Rachel are back), the real focus is on Evil Dick and his daughter Daniele.

Most BB fans will remember Evil Dick as the single most arrogant (not to mention entertaining) players to ever play. Oh – and he won his season.

The question is, does Evil Dick really have as much of a chance to win this year as he seems to think he does?

Dick came back into the house with a vengeance. After revealing that he and Daniele have barely spoken in the last three years, the controversial player quickly reminded everyone that he was the most memorable and unbeatable player in the history of the show.

So, the question is: Will Evil Dick win this season of Big Brother – and do you want to see him win again?