July 07, 2011

Big Brother 13, 2011 Premiere Tonight: Houseguests, Dynamic Duo Couples and More!

Big Brother fans are thrilled that a new season of the hit CBS show is kicking off tonight and we have all the details of what’s going to happen this summer.

Season 13 promises lots of drama as new contestants are paired with returning contestants to battle for the half million dollar prize.

The eight new houseguests can be seen here but the dynamic duo twist pairs from the past have not yet been released, creating even more excitement for tonight’s premiere.

The houseguests entered the house on Saturday, so some parts of tonight’s show will be pre-recorded. As for who will make up the dynamic duo pairs from the past, I have my own personal picks of who I would love to see back.

My top pick would be Drew and Diane. Love these two, although I don’t think they’re still together years after playing the game so my hopes of seeing them compete together may be a little unrealistic.

My second pick would be Jenelle and Howie since they were two of the most loveable and entertaining houseguests to ever grace the BB house (I realize they weren’t a couple but they were still BFFs) and, finally, my third pick is Jeff and Jordan. Love those two and could really see them coming back since they were up for The Amazing Race after they left the Big Brother house.

One couple I sincerely hope does not return is Brendan and Rachel. I know they’re still together – and they are reality TV whores – so it would not be a surprise to see these two back on the show. Please CBS, don’t do it!

The premiere kicks off at 9pm EST tonight.

Who would you like to see back on the show?