July 04, 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton in Canada: Couple Attends Cooking Class! (Photos!)

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been seen all around Canada on their North American tour.

This weekend during their stay in Quebec, they proved their skills in the kitchen during a cooking class at the Quebec Tourism and Hotel Institute.

They made a variety of dishes included a lobster soufflé and herb and cranberry-crusted lamb during their forty minute instructional. The two were separated – William with teacher Jean-Louis Theistocle and Kate Middleton with student teacher Theresa Rindress.

William kept things light, crackimg jokes and making it very clear that all this cooking was making him hungry. He even pretended to dip some strawberries in chocolate in order to quench his appetite.

“Is there a time limit?” he asked. “Is it like [BBC TV cooking show] Ready Steady Cook? Do we eat as we go? I’m quite hungry!”

Kate Middleton on the other hand was much more serious, and Rindress thought she was quite talented impressing her instantly with her skills using a knife:

“I showed her how to hold the knife and position her hand so that she did not cut herself. She was fantastic,” Rindress adds, “She was very competent with the knife.”

Not all the dishes came out perfectly for Prince William but one dish in particular did impress his teacher Theistocle. An appetizer of goat cheese, baby cucumber and elderberry jam.

“This is the best cucumber I have ever seen,” the chef beamed.

Maybe Kate Middleton needs to give Prince William some pointers in the kitchen!

Check out Prince William donning his chef attire below: