June 27, 2011

Mariah Carey Twins: Tweets Baby Monroe Picture – Very Cute! (photo!)

Did Mariah Carey Tweet her First Baby pic? Err.. sort of.

On Sunday, the diva teased her fans on Twitter with a cute pic of her month old baby daughter Monroe. Although, it wasn’t exactly what fans thought it would be!

“This is baby Monroe saying ‘no pictures dahhhhling’ at 7+1/2 weeks,” Carey tweeted with the picture of her daughter with her hand up as if to cover up for the paparazzi.

Very very cute!

Nick Cannon recently spoke about personalities that have come out slowly during the past month. I think he might be right on the nose!

“My son is laid back like me,” he said. “My daughter’s a diva like her mom! When my daughter wants something, she’ll let you know immediately.”

I think she’s learned a valuable lesson very early in life… how to keep media at bay while still feeding the frenzy!

What do you think about Mariah Carey’s pic of her daughter Monroe?