June 27, 2011

Eminem Space Bound Music Video: Too Violent for TV? (Watch!)

Eminem has just released his new music video Space Bound this week, but is it too violent for TV?

I say this because of all the drama that surrounded Rihanna’s video just a few short weeks ago.  In “Man Down” a man is gunned done in a subway by Rihanna after we find she is the victim of a vicious sexual assault.

Now Eminem has released a music video from his latest album ‘Recovery’ where we watch two versions of alternate scenarios. In one scene, Eminem sits at a diner alone but you can tell he’s very depressed and most likely suffering from heartbreak. In the other scene, he is in a booth with his friend (porns star Sasha Grey) and finds out that she’s cheating on him when he sneaks a peek at her phone while she’s in the washroom. Both situations we see a very graphic ending –  Eminem shooting himself in the head.

So what’s the deal? Is it okay for Eminem but not okay for Rihanna? Rihanna’s scene wasn’t even as close to as violent as Eminem’s.

By the way, I’m just playing devil’s advocate here. I think they are both great videos.  You can check out our recent post about the controversy surrounding Man Down here.

Watch the video below:

What do you think about Eminem’s new video. Too much?