June 15, 2011

The Voice TV Show: Dia Frampton vs. Beverly McClellan – Who is your Favorite?

America saved two of the top performers last week, in my opinion and that was Beverly McClellan and Dia Frampton.

Last week we saw Team Blake and Team Christina go head to head singing their hearts out trying to be America’s pick. Two people really stepped it up – that was Dia Frampton and Beverly McClellan.

Now I mentioned last week that I thought Beverly McClellan played it a bit safe. Her voice already sounded like Melissa Etheridge and she chose one of her songs. Although, she did sing it absolutely fantastic AND she was sick all week – so really you can’t blame her.

Check out the clip below:

Dia Frampton on the other hand definitely went out on a limb. Performing the song “Heartless” in her own way while on the piano was a big move but she nailed it and really impressed the judges with her creativity and boldness.

Check out the clip below:

It is SO HARD for me to pick my favorite between the two. I think they are both so amazing. I would have to say, however, that I’m favoring Dia mostly because of her Heartless performance. It was just so unique – It made me want to see more from her which is what this is all about right?

So what do you think – between the two – who is your favorite?