June 13, 2011

Tracy Morgan Rant Not Just Homophobic – It was Sexist Too!

Tracy Morgan spent most of last week being condemned for his anti-gay rant during a Nashville comedy act – but sources say that he didn’t just offend gays & lesbians but the women in the audience as well.

Pop eater reports that sources are coming forward to discuss some of the inappropriate and down right degrading things that the comedian said during his performance and my goodness, it doesn’t look good for the actor/comedian.
One source says that most of the rant was around how successful women are to blame for the downfall of society and the problems with the youth today.

“He said all of this weird sh*t about how if women stayed at home, kids wouldn’t be doing the sh*t they do today,” our source tells Popeater. “It was some of the most sexist sh*t I’ve heard outside of an episode of ‘Mad Men.’ I get that the homophobic rant is sexier to the media, but his remarks against women were really, really offensive.”

He even went to so far as to say that women should be able to handle the harsh words at his show. “If they can take a f**king d$%k up their a** … they can take a f**king joke.”

While no one booed, sources did say that there was discomfort amongst the crowd and a few walked out. “It was more like a sense of uneasy, disbelief maybe.”

Tracy Morgan should really watch his mouth or else he’s going to be the next Sheen Machine and Hollywood does NOT need that!

What do you think of Tracy’s harsh words against women?