June 13, 2011

Emily Maynard on Bachelorette 2011’s Bentley Williams (WATCH)!

Emily Maynard was the talk of last week’s Bachelorette episode after bachelor bad-boy Bentley Williams broke Ashley Hebert’s heart by telling viewers that he had hoped the Bachelorette was Emily. Bentley mentioned many times that things would have been different if Emily were there instead of Ashley. He made it seem like there would be fireworks between him and Emily. Needless to say, Emily doesn’t agree.

The sweet Bachelorette who fell in love with Brad Womack sat down for another video blog where she provided her insight and opinions on Bentley and episode 3.

The class act that she is, Emily made it very clear that she thinks Bentley would have reacted the same way, even if she was cast as the Bachelorette.

After stating that she really didn’t want to do a video this week, she said “it was a hard episode to watch.”

She also said “to be honest, I’m not totally convinced that had the Bachelorette been me or anybody else that he wouldn’t have said ‘well I wanted it to be Ashley’ because he clearly had an agenda to be on the show and it wasn’t to fall in love.”

Emily goes on to say that she also wants to give him the benefit of the doubt because she can’t believe anyone could be so mean but that he should sleep with one eye open. Lol.

What do you think of Emily’s video blog for episode 3?

Check it out below: