June 07, 2011

The Voice Tv Show: Dia Frampton – Heartless – How Did She Do? (Watch!)

Beyond Beverly McClellan, Dia Frampton has been another one of my favorites on the Voice Tv Show. Today she became my absolute favorite with her rendition of Heartless by Kanye West.

During rehearsal, Blake Shelton noticed some nervous energy so he asked her if she wouldn’t mind playing the piano during her song. She took his advice and it was definitely a great move. She looked so much more controlled and comfortable.

Beyond that, she gave the song such a completely different sound and vibe. She really made it her own. I absolutely loved it. Unlike Beverly McClellan I think she really took a risk with this song and it was so smart. This is the kind of performance that you get on Itunes because there isn’t anything like it around.

Cee Lo told her that it was the greatest rendition of a song he’s ever heard. Adam said it was the most unique and refreshing thing he had ever heard. The coaches seemed to be very impressed by her take on the song which is what The Voice is all about right? All the while Dia sat back humbled by the coach’s words.

Good Thinking Dia! DEFINITELY voting for her.  Awesome Awesome performance! Best of the NIGHT! I’m willing to call it.

Check out the video now:

What did you think of Dia’s Performance? Would you vote for her?