June 06, 2011

Jennifer Lopez Sex Tape: J-Lo Back in Court Today!

Jennifer Lopez is back in court today to stop her Honeymoon Sex Tape from being distributed by Ojani Noa and his girlfriend Claudia Vasquez.

The video shows intimate video footage from the couples honeymoon back in 1997. The two met when he was a waiter in Miami, although the marriage only lasted a little less than a year. That doesn’t stop him from trying to make as much money from their coupledom as he can. In the past he’s tried to launch a book about the two that was denied in court.

This time around, Noa found a loophole. Sell the tape to his girlfriend and have her distribute it. He gets by the confidentiality agreement and is able to have the payday he’s always dreamed.  This will only work if his girlfriend Claudia isn’t as sleazy as he is, of course.

Although if I were her I’d hit the road with the cash – obviously he’s a craptastic boyfriend anyhow.

So far there has been offers in the mililons for the sex tape. Here’s to hoping that JLo wins her court battle today and can get rid of her nutbag ex for good!!