May 30, 2011

LaShawna Threatt Dead at 30 After Falling From Hotel Window

LaShawna Threatt fell to her death after falling out of the W Hotel window in Atlanta Saturday morning.

The tragic incident occurred at Threatt’s 30th birthday when LaShawna and friend Ciara Williams, a professional dancer” were “play fighting.” At 3:15am, the women crashed out the hotel room window and fell onto the roof of the sun room ten floors below. Ciara rolled off and landed on the hotel patio area.

Ciara Williams remains in critical condition at Grady Memorial hospital while LaShawna was pronounced dead at the scene.

“It appears there was no malicious act, no foul play, they were just wrestling each other.  They hit the window, the window broke and they fell out,” said Atlanta Police Lt. Paul Guerrucci.

“It’s really a tragic accident.”

LaShawna leaves behind a fifteen year old daughter.

Our hearts go out to both families. Such an awful and heart-breaking disaster.