May 18, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger Love Child with Maid Mildred Baene? (Photo!)

Another love child comes out of the works – how many could Arnold Schwarzenegger possibly have? News today says that Mildred Baene is definitely one of them.

Last night we spoke of Tanner Tousignant, the child that in 2003 the Daily Mail claimed to be his son. Today there is another child – by maid Mildred Baene that has been said to be the love child. Radar Online broke the story this morning.

Two sources confirmed that she was the mother of their love child.

Baena and Schwarzenegger, 63, conceived their child more than a decade ago. She worked for the family for twenty years before she retired in January.

Now Tammy Baker Tousignant’s lawyers have come out saying that the accusations made back in 2003 are not true, and they are willing to take a DNA test to prove so. Sadly, it seems to me more likely that Tanner is the love child than Baene’s child.

What do you think about the story? Do you think the love child is Tammy Baker or Midred Baene’s son?