May 17, 2011

The Voice TV Show: Angela Wolf Eliminated – Did She Deserve it? (Team Adam)

Angela & Javiar battled together today to “Stand by Me” for Adam’s team – Unfortunately, Angela Wolf was eliminated. Although upsetting – to me it wasn’t surprising.

What was surprising right off the bat was when Adam made the comment that he chose “Stand by Me” because it would play up to Angela’s voice. Did he think her voice was simple? And why play up to her voice rather than Javiar? Did he already know he would be a crowd favorite and wanted to give her a chance?

The rehearsals didn’t go as well as I expected for Javiar. He was immediately told to sing less – and not to play up his runs so much. Adam compared the song to a nursery rhyme – play it true, play it simple. Angela on the other hand, sang without much comment.

When the battles started, however it became very clear who was the true winner.

In my opinion, Adam put Angela & Javiar together just to get rid of Angela Wolf. I mean she was good but she has nothing compared to Javiar. His voice is perfect – and he really held his runs together. When she sang she went a bit too off base – I think she did exactly what Adam told her not to do. Whereas, Javiar waited till the right time to play up the song and really showed the discipline they talked about during rehearsal. And above all, Javiar just has the stage presence of a true performer.

What did you think about Angela Wolf’s elimination?