May 17, 2011

Tanner Tousignant: Tammy Baker Tousignant and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Love Child? (Photo!)

Within hours of the news breaking it seems Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Love Child has been outed as Tanner Tousignant, son of Tammy Baker Tousignant.

According to Gawker, Tammy Baker Tousignant worked as a stewardess on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s plane. Before long they became romantically involved and were often seen leaving the plane together and Tousignant joining him in his limo. Before long, she was pregnant – and sources close to the woman say that she boasted that the son was Arnold’s. In fact he was named Tanner after his character on Total Recall.

You know what the best part of this story was? It came out in 2003 by the Daily Mail!

This story hit the papers right around the time Schwarzenegger took office, and either no one believed it or no one cared. The “Arnold” became governor and everyone seemed to have forgotten this long lost son of his.. even Maria Shriver.

Back then, Tammy Baker Tousignant would repeat over and over to reporters that her child was not Arnold’s child. She said the same thing today when Gawker called her except this time when they stated that Arnold had announced the story – she quickly replied “No Comment” and hung up. She disconnected her phone soon after.

So who is Tanner Tousignant?

Well he’s definately not 10 years old. Tanner Tousignant is a high school graduate from Brea Olinda Highschool. He played baseball and football there and is currently attending college in Orange Coast College.

When asked about the story Tanner Tousignant wrote via a Facebook message to Gawker, “im not his son…. don’t waist your time. it was just a stupid story made up 8 years ago.”

Or is it? Only Time will tell!

What do you think of the story so far? Do you believe that Tanner Tousignant is the love child? Do you believe Tammy Baker Tousigant is the mistress?

What do you think of this story?