May 15, 2011

Survivor Winner 2011: Who Won Survivor Redemption Island?

Survivor Redemption island fans were anxiously awaiting tonight’s three-hour finale special to see who would be crowned sole Survivor 2011.

Who Won Survivor Redemption Island?

After 39 days on the island of Nicaragua, the competition came down to three contestants who had the opportunity to plead their case to the jury. In tonight’s finale, Andrea was brought back to the tribe after winning the dual on Redemption Island. She was then voted off immediately, with Ashley following in the next tribal council. This left Natalie, Phillip and Boston Rob (Rob Mariano) as the final three.

The 3 finalists told the jury why they thought they should win the million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor but it seemed like a no-brainer as to who was going to win. Boston Rob was the mastermind behind the entire game. No contestant has ever had as much control and power in this game but did the jury think that Boston Rob should get the title after blindsiding so many of his “friends” on the island.

The answer is yes.

Rob Mariano was just announced as the Sole Survivor 2011 and it couldn’t have gone to someone more deserving or more worthy this season – or any season of Survivor.

Do you think Rob deserved to win Survivor 2011 – or was there someone else this season who you think should have won?