May 15, 2011

Boston Rob Mariano is Survivor Winner 2011: Did He Deserve It?

The winner of Survivor 2011 has just been announced and Survivor fans may have mixed reactions about who won the title and the million dollar prize.

Boston Rob (Rob Mariano) has spent a total of 127 days over the course of 10 years playing the game of Survivor 4 times and it wasn’t until tonight that he was fully appreciated or rewarded for being the single smartest and most strategic contestant to ever play the game.

Rob sat next to Natalie and Phillip in the final three. Never in all of the years that I’ve watched Survivor have I ever seen someone destroy their chances of winning after making it to the finals like Phillip did tonight.

Not only did Phillip not ask the jury for their votes, he actually insulted and yelled back at many members of the jury during the question and answer period.

While many of the jury members were bitter about losing the game, there were a few who commended Boston Rob for playing the game so incredibly well. David actually stood up in front of all of the jury members and explained very clearly why Rob deserved to win. And he did.

Boston Rob has kept me interested in this show for years. He’s the only reason I watched this season and I’m glad I did. No one will ever compare to Rob in this game. He is the definition of Sole Survivor and there’s not a doubt in my mind that he deserved to win tonight.

That being said, I know many of you disagree with my opinion. So I want to hear what you think.

Now that you know who won Survivor 2011, tell us, do you think Rob deserved it?