May 03, 2011

Mother’s Day Gifts: Top 7 Worst Gift Ideas for Mom!

Buying a Mother’s Gift is always tough. What might seem witty to you – is lost on her. What may seem thoughtful and sweet may actually offend her greatly. We’re here to help!

And by help we mean to steer you away from the following BAD (so Bad!) Mother’s Day Gifts:

Broom / Mop / Anything of the Swiffer Variety – Yes I Know.. I know. Swiffers ARE great, and they DO save time which is why you pick that up on OTHER days that are not within a month around the big Mom Day.

Deodorant – This is never a good idea. I don’t know what your intentions are.. even if it was the greatest sale in the WORLD this is not okay.. ever.

Fake Flowers – “But they last longer.. Just like my love for you!” Sorry it doesn’t cut it. Fake = Cheap, Cheap = You don’t Care, You don’t Care = Huge Fight that you don’t want to have. Either buy the expensive flowers or don’t – no substitutes.

Apron – Don’t remind your mother that she slaves over a hot stove everyday. This will make her remember why she shouldn’t have had you.. leading to an uncomfortably awkward silence at the dinner table.

Disney on Ice – Now your mother might actually love this – but you can’t just buy ticket. Oh no! You can’t even buy 2 tickets and tell her to take a friend.. If you’re going to go out and buy Disney on Ice you better believe you’re taking your mama on this FABULOUS Ice Capades adventure. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Truth of the matter is – don’t buy anything you wouldn’t want to go to with your mom in tow.

Self Help Products – Yes your mom might seek improvement in her life – but Mother’s Day is PROBABLY not he day you want to remind her where she lacks.. this includes any weight loss videos, equipment, anti-wrinkle creams etc. If you SERIOUSLY think she really wants it – give her a gift card where she can buy it on her own time – trust me, she’ll hate you less.

Bad Jewelry – Nothing says loving like a Green neck, arm or ring finger.. If you’re having a cheap year make your mom something just don’t buy her cheap jewelry – she’ll equate this to the cheap love you have for her. Oh and don’t make her something hideous.. she’ll wear it out of love for you and then slowly and steadily despise you a little more every day.

Take your mom out to a restaurant, buy her some nice flowers, or take her out to her favorite movie. Buying the right gift isn’t necessarily the point – your mom probably just wants to spend more time with her children so at the very least surprise her with a whole day.. Of You!