April 15, 2011

Is Carrie Underwood’s Marriage on the Rocks? She Speaks out on US!

Carrie Underwood has tried to be private  but it looks like the ever increasing rumors that her marriage is in trouble has made her reach out. US weekly recently interviewed the singer about her marriage to NHL player Mike Fisher. While she says the marriage has been fun – she does admit to it being a tad frustrating.

“To be honest, on our days off, we just hang out. Just learning how to live together has been fun and frustrating and everything in between.” she says to the magazine.

The two have been living long distance for the past nine months – but the news that that Fisher has been traded from Ottawa to Nashville back in February made Underwood VERY Excited!

“It was like, he’s coming to live with me! I can go to work, he can go to work, and we can both come home, and we’ll be together,” she gushed.
While the two aren’t into partying and just like to hang out together and watch tv – they have no plans for babies just yet.  To that she says, “We Have Plenty of Time!”
I’m glad that everything is okay for the happy couple. I think it’s a bit sad that the ever so private Underwood has to feel like she needs to defend herself to the media. But hopefully it does stop all the nasty rumors about her marriage – let her enjoy her newlywed days people!
What do you think?