March 07, 2011

Bachelor 2011 Emily Maynard: The Truth About her Fiance, Ricky Hendrick!

If you’ve been watching the Bachelor 2011, you’ll likely recognize the name Emily Maynard. Emily is the southern belle sweetheart who is one of Brad Womack’s final two bachelorettes this season. And while Emily is a favorite among many fans this season, it seems as though she may not be telling the whole truth about her past.

When Emily came on the show, she told everyone (including Brad and the women in the house) her tragic love story with “the love of her life” Ricky Hendrick.

Ricky died in a plane crash in 2004. He was 24 years old and he was dating Emily at the time of his death. Emily found out she was pregnant just 4 days after Ricky’s death and now has a daughter, Ricki.

The Truth About Emily’s Fiance Ricky Hendrick

Last week an explosive interview was released by In Touch Magazine with details on Emily’s past via another one of Ricky Hendrick’s supposed fiancés. Cori Kurek told the magazine that she (Cori) was engaged to Ricky from 2002-2003. She admits that he was dating Emily before his death in 2004 but is adamant about the fact that they were not engaged. Cori went on to say that Emily is exaggerating the truth about her relationship with Ricky and that Emily was not Ricky’s childhood sweetheart, as Emily has stated numerous times throughout the show.

So what’s true and what’s not?

As I posted last week, Emily and Ricky were clearly close. There is a slideshow of photos that shows Emily and Ricky together over the course of, what appears to be, a few years at least (although some readers argue that they all appear to be over the course of one year). There’s no arguing that they were a couple – but were they engaged?

I’ll defend Emily’s relationship with Ricky until the end because I feel like they had a legitimate love for one another (you can see it in the photos). However, I do not believe that they were ever engaged. And, here’s why: In Ricky’s obituary, Emily is mentioned as his girlfriend. If I was engaged to a man and he passed away, I would make sure I was mentioned in the obituary as his fiancé and I would expect the family to respect that and have it printed that way. It wasn’t.

A few readers have come forth saying that Ricky’s parents asked Emily to say they were engaged after they found out she was pregnant (which they didn’t know at the time of printing the obituary) because they didn’t want the public to know that Ricky and Emily were having a baby out of wedlock.

This is just my opinion of what I think happened. I’m sure everyone has their own take on it.

What do you think really happened?

UPDATE: Thanks to Sam’s comment below, I have to change my opinion and say that I now do believe that Emily and Ricky were engaged.

You can see my updated post, with photo of Emily wearing her engagement ring here.