March 02, 2011

Brooke Mueller vs. Charlie Sheen Custody War: Who Should Get the Kids?

There’s no arguing that Charlie Sheen has gone off the deep end this week but news that Brooke Mueller may become the sole parent for their twins Max and Bob is just as concerning as Charlie having the kids himself.

It’s the beginning of, what could be, a very bitter custody battle between two of Hollywood’s most messed up parents. Like I said before, there’s no arguing that Charlie has gone off the deep end but anyone who’s been keeping tabs on Brooke Mueller knows that she’s been treading water in the deep end for about 2 years now. Now, both parents are vowing that they’ll obtain sole custody of their sons.

Brooke vs. Charlie

How do you even begin to argue who should have custody of these poor children?

On one hand, you have Charlie who’s admitted to doing drugs, throwing wild parties and has two of his “goddess” girlfriends babysitting the kids while he does God knows what with his free time.

On the other hand, you have Brooke who has been in and out of rehab several times over the past few years, is starring in a reality show with Paris Hilton (you can’t tell me she’s taking care of those kids while she’s out partying with Paris) and ships her kids off to her ex-husband and his two girlfriends when she decides she needs some cocaine down time.

As far as I’m concerned, the kids are better off with Children’s Services (and it takes a lot for me to say that) or at least some other family member who has their shit together.

Thank God Denise Richards is acting as a good mom for Charlie’s other kids Sam and Lola.

Who do you think should have custody of Charlie and Brooke’s adorable twin boys?