February 27, 2011

Oscar Red Carpet 2011: Biggest Winner and Loser (PHOTOS)!

The 2011 Oscar red carpet special is coming to a close and all of the celebrities have arrived to the Kodak Theatre for the most coveted event of the season.

While there were many women who rocked the red carpet, there were also several ladies who disappointed fans with their not-so-award-worthy outfits this year (check out our Best Dressed and Worst Dressed lists for complete opinion) there can only be one red carpet winner who steals the show completely and takes home the award for the single Best Dressed Star of the Night. Likewise, there is only one woman who can take home the not-so-coveted title of Worst Dressed Star of the Night.

Without further ado, we have your Best and Worst Dressed Women on the red carpet.

BEST DRESSED                                                                        WORST DRESSED

Topping our list and taking home Twirlit’s award for Best Dressed is Michelle Williams. While there were many ladies who stunned on the red carpet (like Mila Kunis, Sandra Bullock and Gwenyth Paltrow) it wasn’t a difficult choice to hand this award to Michelle. Her understated elegance, natural makeup and flawless figure make her worth of the title and set a precedent for Oscar fashion of the future.

Now, onto the worst dressed…y

Topping our list and taking home Twirlit’s award for Worst Dressed is Scarlett Johansson. I’ll admit that Scarlett probably isn’t the single worst dressed lady but she was definitely the biggest disappointment of the night. Her hair looked like something out of an early 1990’s movie and her maroon dress clashes with the red carpet. So disappointing because Scarlett has so much potential: maybe she’s still in mourning over her divorce from Ryan Reynolds (I know I would be!).