February 25, 2011

Charlie Sheen Radio Rant Sparks Drug Test: Will He Pass?

Charlie Sheen’s recent rant has everyone questioning the health and well-being of the Two and a Half Men star (or should we say former Two and a Half Men star) but he’s just vowed to take a drug test for RadarOnline.com that he hopes will “prove my detractors wrong.”

According to the controversial website, “Sheen agreed that the test will take place on Monday at his Milholland Estate mansion.”

In reference to the highly anticipated drug test (which will test Sheen’s urine and blood), the hard partying star says “I am so confident where I am at and that these faceless names can’t touch me…I know that I will pass the test…”

After hearing his recent tyrade, I think it’s safe to say that – whether drugs are currently involved or not – there’s some permanent damage that’s already been done. I mean, he can’t even put a coherent sentence together (check out his incredibly hilarious quotes from this week here).

And while he may be 100 percent confident that he’ll pass his big test on Monday, Sheen does warn that there may be some unbelievable elements of the results:

“If they do discover my blood to be tiger blood, I hope that nobody will be shocked,” he says.

Listen to the radio rant below:

Don’t worry, Charlie, at this point, there’s next to nothing you can do to shock us now…