February 25, 2011

Amber Portwood Nude Photos Spark Controversy for Teen Mom!

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has had her fair share of scandals since securing the role on MTV’s hit show (she and her boyfriend Gary have had multiple domestics, her daughter Leah was taken away from her and countless photos were released of her taking shots and getting hammered) so there was really only one ploy left to extend her 15 minutes of fame: nude photos, of course.

The delusional mom stripped down for the camera and posed naked, revealing only her slightly slimmer figure and oversized tattoo and is now speaking out about her regret over the photos.

“’I’m devastated that these pictures were stolen from my phone and sold by someone I trusted. It makes me sad that anyone would do this, and I’m horrified that something so private is being shared publicly.”

I’m horrified that the general public has to see these photos. I’d post them here but I have far too much respect for Twirlit readers and would never put you guys through such a traumatic experience.

Here’s an idea Amber: Spend a little less time posing nude for the camera and a little more time raising your child. After all, you don’t want children’s services on your case again, do you?

You can check out the nude photos of Amber Portwood here (warning: the photos contain graphic content that may disturb some viewers).

Such a good role model for her daughter.