February 18, 2011

Biggest Loser Challenge – How to Weigh & Measure Your Weight Loss

While losing weight is hard work, it’s harder to stay motivated if you don’t even know where you started or how you’re progressing. A good tip is to measure and weigh yourself throughout your journey!

Where Do I Start?

Take Pictures!

Start by taking a picture of yourself. (Boo! Hiss!) I know I know, the last thing you want to do is get in your undies or bathing suit and start snapping photos of yourself – But think of how great you will feel when you DO lose the weight! I bet you you’ll be showing EVERYONE before and after pictures when the time comes.. okay, okay maybe not. But taking pictures is a valuable tool for assessing your weight loss.

Take Measurements!

Tracking your measurements is very important. Sometimes you won’t necessarily lose a pound but you WILL lose inches. And wouldn’t you be a LITTLE more motivated if you actually knew how much you were improving?

So Grab your measuring tape, make a chart and track the following information:

RIGHT/LEFT ARM: Wrap your measuring tape around your arm, and take down your measurement in your chart. Measure each arm separately – that way you know if you’re working out one side more than the other.

CHEST: Make sure your measuring tape is wrapped around you level with your nipple line. The reason you do this is so that you hit the same area every time you measure.

WAIST: Wrap your measuring tape around your waist level with your bellybutton.

HIPS: Wrap your measuring tape around your hips level with your hip bone.

BUM: Wrap your measuring tape around your bum – you can’t miss it. I don’t need to outline this for you.

RIGHT/LEF T THIGH: Wrap your measuring around each thigh. Like the arms you want to measure and track each thigh so that you don’t work out one side more than the other.

Checking Your Body Fat

An excellent tool used to measure your weight loss is a caliper. A Skinfold caliper is around $15 and will measure the thickness of a fold of your skin with the underlying layer of fat. (Gross sounding I know.. but very useful!) Doing this in three key areas will help you deduce the total percent of body fat on your body.

TRICEP: Grab the fold of skin that is located directly on the back of the arm right in the centre. Measure the fold..

WAIST: Grab the fold of skin JUST above the hip bone level with your belly button. Measure the fold.

THIGHS: The fold will be on the inside of your thigh mid way between the hip and the knee.

Have the numbers? Input the numbers into this body fat calculator – Don’t forget to check off the Skinfold as your method.

How Often Do You Measure?

This is up to you, but once a month is a good measure. You body will fluctuate over a week so you might not be seeing the whole picture if you measure too soon.

Also, by measuring at the same time every time you’ll get the most accurate results!