February 09, 2011

Sofia Vergara Without Makeup Photos: Totally Unrecognizable!

Sofia Vergara may be one of the hottest women in Hollywood right now but what does she look like when you strip off the makeup and unplug the curling iron? Well, she still looks better than most celebs without makeup but she’s borderline unrecognizable when she steps out au natural.

TooFab.com has secured this photo of Sofia Vergara without makeup (below right). If it wasn’t reported by TooFab (or TMZ, for that matter) we’d really doubt the fact that this is the Modern Family star but the publications insist this is, in fact, Sofia as she headed to her makeup trailer before filming her new movie New Years Eve yesterday.


Does she look horrible? Absolutely not. Does she look like one of the sexiest, most stunning women in the world (like she does in the photo on the right)? No way!

This just goes to show what a good makeup team and some expensive products can do.

Don’t you ever wonder what you would look like if you had a team of stylists making you look amazing every day?

Check out Sofia’s transformation above and let us know what you think!