January 30, 2011

Bridalplasty Winner is Allyson: Did the Right Person Win?

EOnline’s lastest hit show Bridalplasty has just announced its first winner and viewers and fans of the show may be shocked to find out who took home their dream wedding and dream look.

The finale was between Allyson and Janessa. These two never got along and when Allyson was given the opportunity to choose who she would compete against in the finale, it was a surprise to many that she chose to take Janessa to the finals.

The two women faced off in hopes of winning their dream wedding as well as several plastic procedures that they’ve listed on their “wish list.”

Going into the finale, Allyson had already received liposuction on her arms and her chin as well as veneers while Janessa received rhinoplasty.

So who won Bridalplasty?

The answer is Allyson.

Did the right person win?

I don’t think anyone is disappointed that Allyson won. After all, the other women in the house and most viewers realized how horrible of a person Janessa is.

Does anyone out there think Janessa should have won instead of  Allyson? If so, we’d definitely like to hear why…