January 26, 2011

Bachelor Controversy 2011: Former Contestants Wes and Gia – It’s War!

The 2011 season of The Bachelor may not be as exciting as some of the past seasons (after all, no one has supposedly slept with the producer at this point) but that doesn’t mean that former Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants can’t spark a little controversy to kick off the new year.

They may have seen some fireworks when they both appeared on ABC’s Bachelor Pad but Wes Hayden and Gia Allemand are far from being the next couple to announce their ABC-infused love for each other – in fact, they’re not even friends.

We all watched as Gia struggled to stay faithful to her boyfriend back home while she was lusting for Bachelorette bad boy Wes Hayden but, eventually, the not-so-bright beauty came to realize what almost every woman in American already knew: Wes is a scumbag.

This week, Reality Steve has been speculating that Wes and Vienna are a hot new couple. While Wes was quick to shoot down those rumors, his former flame Gia was even faster at sending Reality Steve an email with the following message for women everywhere:

“Wes is a snake who only cares about himself and uses people to try to get another 15 minutes of fame, so this doesn’t shock me about him at all.”

Thanks Gia – for stating the obvious.

Who’s side are you on?